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Ladies, which of us isn’t looking for a better alternative to uncomfortable sanitary towels and tampons? Well, Femmecup could be the ideal solution. This cost effective and convenient menstrual cup could be the future of sanitary protection, and it’s eco-friendly too!

The Femmecup reuseable menstrual cup was one of the first menstrual cup brands to appear on the UK market back in 2008, and over the years they have honed and improved their design to make it even better and more comfortable to wear.

This product aims to make womens’ lives easier during their period and supplies a practical and healthy way of dealing with menstruation with a focus on environmental concerns and wellbeing.

Femmecup – Sizes and Specs

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The Femmecup is available in one size to fit every woman and it can hold an impressive volume of 30mL, which represents around a third of the average woman’s entire monthly flow.

With a length of 50mm and a measurement of 45mm at its widest point, the reusable Femmecup has a lifespan of around 5 years and features a 15mm stem at its base to make removing it a breeze. Made from clear silicon, it contains no potentially harmful dyes.

Special Features

One of the best features of the Femmecup is its large capacity which makes it suitable for women with a heavier flow, and as it is manufactured using only FDA grade hypoallergenic medical grade silicone, you can be sure that there are no perfumes, additives or chemicals that could cause an unpleasant reaction.

Although the Femmecup is only available in one size, there is an alternative version of this product – the inexpensive Femmecup Lite, which is only resuable for up to 1 year, but provides a great opportunity for women to try out the product without a big financial investment. Femmecup also sell product bundles including their intimate Femmewash.

Femmecup Pros and Cons

There are plenty of advantages to choosing the Femmecup, not the least of which being its large volume capacity, and as there is no leakage because of its secure fit, you won’t have to empty it as frequently as some of its rival products.

As Femmecup is one of the longest surviving menstrual cups on the market, it has the benefit of years of experience in the industry and over the years, the product has been developed to be even more comfortable and convenient.

With its five year lifespan, you can really cut back on the costs of disposable sanitary protection, and as it can be left in place for as long as 12 hours, you will never again have to worry about forgetting to take your tampons out and about with you. The handy Femmecup Lite is a great idea from this brand to help you to decide whether or not menstrual cups are for you at low cost.

femme cup perid cup

The short stem makes this a great choice of cup for women with a lower cervix and the stem can be trimmed to size or even removed completely to suit individual preferences.

As one size fits all, there are no added complications when buying this product, and no need to figure out which size or variety you need. The Femmecup even comes with helpful instructions so you can find out everything you need to know about using and caring for it properly.

Although there aren’t many downsides to this product, it is worth noting that it is only available in one colour which may be less appealing to those who like variety.

As it is only available in one size, there may be some women who find that the fit doesn’t suit them and who would prefer to choose a menstrual cup that is available in a choice of sizes tailored to the needs of different women.

Femmecup FAQ

Is the silicone used to make the Femmecup safe?

You may have heard bad things about silicone because of the problems that were publicised in the press about early breast implants, however the Femmecup is made of a completely different kind of silicone which is entirely safe.

With the feel of soft, flexible rubber, the Femmecup is made from medical grade silicone, which is the same material used in the medical industry for making internal valves.

Has the Femmecup ever been linked with Toxic Shock Syndrome?

Although tampons may sometimes cause TSS, the Femmecup cannot cause this condition. As the Femmecup collects menstrual blood rather than absorbing it, it doesn’t interfere with the vagina’s own natural cleaning processes and there is no link to Toxic Shock Syndrome.

Is it possible for the Femmecup to become stuck inside?

No, that could never happen. Unlike tampons, which sit high up in the vaginal canal, the Femmecup is worn lower in the vagina and therefore it is easy and quick to take out.

Should you find that it has risen up inside your vagina, simple pull on the stem and the seal will be broken, making it easy to remove.

Can teenagers use the Femmecup?

The Femmecup can be used by any menstruating woman, regardless of age. However, those who have only just started menstruating may find it easier to insert their Femmecup using a water based lubricant.

Can the Femmecup be used after having a baby?

You can start using your Femmecup again from six weeks after giving birth. You shouldn’t use it to collect post-natal bleeding however.

What do other ladies say about the Femmecup?

“Once you get used to it these are easy to use, they will save you spending all that money on pads and tampons, they are eco friendly, no leaks, and you can keep them in for 12 hours no problem!”
– LESS, Amazon

“I feel so much cleaner and happier when on my period now, as if I’m not on at all!”
– Louise Walker, Amazon

“It’s incredibly simple to use, no mess, no leakage and you honestly can’t feel it once it’s on.”
– Antonia Wright, Amazon

Femmecup Company Information

The company that produces this product, Femmecup Ltd. was established in 2008 in the UK and is now a market leader in the feminine hygiene industry. Having introduced a new design in 2011, Femmecup have been awarded numerous accreditations for their high quality products.

The company have a mission to sell environmentally sound sustainable menstrual cups with a focus on affordability, comfort and good health and wellbeing for women, with thousands of Femmecups having been sold worldwide.

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Femmecup Summary

Overall, I feel the Femmecup is one of the best menstrual products of its type on the market. The one size fits all approach makes buying simple, and its large volume capacity makes it perfect for women with all kinds of flows, from light to very heavy. The recent design changes makes the Femmecup even more comfortable and modern, making it a great choice for menstruating women of all ages.


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