What is the Best Menstrual Cup for a Low Cervix?

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Are you wondering what the best menstrual cup for you could be? Well, in this text, we give a comprehensive guide concerning your body type, your vagina, and the size of your cervix. It will help if you are comfortable with your body and want to learn everything there is to know about feminine products.

Understanding Menstrual Cups

Although these cups may appear as new interventions, they have been there since 1932. The reason you hear very little about them is due to funding. Pads and tampons are way cheaper because manufacturers have a guarantee of repeated purchases. On the other hand, cups are expensive since they can last for 10 or more years. With the high profits that the manufacturers of pads and tampons get, they have the capacity to carry out vigorous campaigns as opposed to cup manufacturers who do not get as many profits.

A menstrual cup is a hygiene product that is designed with flexible materials. Unlike pads or tampons, you may find it daunting to get the right cup for you. This is because it could take you a while before you get the right fit for you. Although every woman is different, it is necessary to understand where your cervix sits. By inserting your clean finger into your cervix, you can tell the position of your cervix. It might be helpful to measure the height of your cervix a few days before your period since it may not necessary sit at the same position later.

How a low cervix affects your menstrual cup choice?

First, understand that cups are more convenient, economical, and healthier compared to pads and tampons. To determine the right menstrual cup fit for you, your cervix has to be measured. The cervix is a part of the vagina where fluid leaves. Before buying a cup, understand how far up your cervix is since cups are long or short. It means that they work best or worst with women who have lower or higher cervixes. With a low cervix, a stouter and a shorter cup is ideal. Such a cup will not ride down when wearing. How should you determine the height of your cervix?

  • Wait for your period. The cervix is usually positioned at different points during the monthly cycle. Also, try measuring in different days of your period because it may not be in the same position in those days.
  • Slowly and gently, insert your finger back and not upwards in the vagina. You will bump into your pelvic bone, some muscles, and space.
  • Wander around and look for something that feels like the tip of your nose. That’s your cervix
  • How far did your finger go before touching the cervix?

Note that there are brands designed for short and long cervixes. Small brands go as low as 4 centimetres, and as large as 6 centimetres. If your cervix is low, get a shorter cup. Shorter cups are many. You can go for brands such as Lunette, LadyCup, Yuuki, and more that are comfortable.

If you have a heavy flow and a low cervix, a larger size of the same brands will do. For low cervixes, a cup that has no stem should not be longer than the distance between your cervix and your vaginal opening. As you buy, take aesthetics into account. Menstrual cups have different colours. They have slick or frosted finishes, and may come with grip rings. All that depends on the brand you purchase. You want a brand that does not emit harmful chemicals.

Understanding the best menstrual cup for you is essential when it comes to purchasing. Please feel free to ask any questions below – I hope I can help you out 🙂

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