What is the Best Menstrual Cup for a Heavy Flow?

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When it comes to periods, the question is always, how much is too much? Although heavy periods are common, they do not always indicate that something is wrong. With the contributors of heavy periods being many from endometriosis to hormonal imbalance, there are enough reasons for excessive breeding.

Despite many women thinking that they have a heavy flow, it’s not always true. Studies show that the average flow is ‘moderate’. Moderate being 1-4 oz, meaning about 2 to 8 tablespoons over the course of the entire period. If you have to change your tampon or pad regularly like after every three hours, this could mean that your periods are heavier than normal.

Well, if you are in the category of women with heavy flow, there are many ways to manage the periods. Let’s look at some heavy flow concerns and which are the the best menstrual cups for your needs!

But first of all, we need to talk about the cervix..

So where does your cervix sit?

First, understand that if you have a heavy flow, you have to choose a higher capacity cup that will be emptied less frequently. The other issues that require addressing are, how low or high your cervix sits and which is the best cup for you? The cervix is round and has a decline in the middle. When menstruating, it should feel like the tip of your nose. Note that different cervixes rise and fall depending on menstrual cycles? Understanding the position of your cervix during your menstrual period helps in determining the right cup.

  • High Cervix: For a high cervix, try reaching out with your finger by moving the finger slowly at the back of your vagina. Ensure to go past the pelvic bone. Can you feel it? If not, then it sits high during ovulation. For that, use a longer cup.
  • Medium Cervix: Try reaching your cervix with your finger. Did you easily reach it but realised it does not sit too low? If so, yours is average in height. The most fortunate bit for you is that you can use almost any length of cup.
  • Low Cervix: Reach out with your finger. Did you feel the cervix at the door of your vagina? Well, then you have a low cervix that will need a shorter cup.

Choosing the best and most suitable menstrual cup for your flow can make the your cycle 100 times easier and more comfortable. Menstrual cups are healthy alternatives and most are excellent for women who experience heavy flows. Let’s focus on three of the most popular brands.

So which is the best menstrual cup for a heavy flow?!

Lunette Menstrual Cup

lunette menstrual cup - clear

The Lunette holds more than twice the amount of liquid a super plus tampon holds. Lunette Cup Model 2 comes recommended for woman with a normal or heavier flow, and is made with firmer silicon. Lunette cups also have measurements to accurately measure your flow!

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Lunette Pros

  • It is designed with high-quality silicon
  • Gives you 12 hours non-leak protection
  • It is one of the shortest and has a small diameter, which is ideal for people with low cervixes.
  • It is pliable and thinner than most cups, making it easy to insert and prevent leaking

Lunette Cons

  • It has a smaller capacity meaning chances of leakage could be higher for women that who very heavy periods
  • It has suction that leads to discomfort
  • It is costlier than other cups


mooncup size a and b

The Mooncup is perfect for ladies with high periods. It collects up to three times the amount that can be collected by tampons. It is designed to form a seal with the vagina’s walls and not sit over the cervix. Ideally, it is the perfect choice for women with heavy periods.

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Mooncup Pros

  • It is made from high-quality silicon
  • It is safe and effective
  • It is ideal for heavy periods

Mooncup Cons

  • Some women have reported awkward sizing with the big one being uncomfortable
  • The stem can be long for some

Diva Cup

Diva cup bag

The Diva Cup Size 1 is designed for women who have never given birth, suitably below the age of 30. Size 2 is designed for women over the age of 30, and those who have given birth. It is one of the most endeared and greatest internal menstrual protection cup due to its capacity to support heavy flows. This reusable cup collects the heavy flow for about 12 continuous hours instead of absorbing it. It means that with Diva, the vaginal tissue is not dried out. This cup holds up to one ounce of fluid.

Check the Diva Cup Amazon Reviews

Diva Cup Size 1 – Amazon UK
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Diva Cup Pros

  • It is clear and is made from medical grade silicon, meaning it has fewer chemicals than the coloured alternatives
  • It comes with comfortable and convenient internal protection
  • Easy to use
  • 12 hours leak free protection

Diva Cup Cons

  • Even the size 2 is still too large for small women
  • It can be challenging to clean as a result of etching
  • Not ideal for women with low cervixes since it is long

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Choosing the best menstrual cup for a heavy flow can be hard. Hopefully this helps you out on your quest for the right cup for you!

If you have any questions or comments, please let me know! And as always, if you like this post, then please share it!

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